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Hey Chris and Steve,

Julian and I are working on independently coding the following WindowFarms thread, to explore how LGHTSRC could feed it into the Commons Stewardship Tool/System.
Were going to code each comment into the following three dimensions: Contributions, Refinements, and Connections.  We’re using Webnotes to keep track of your coding (  We’re also brainstorming 3 extra subdimensions to the main three.  That is we will explain what kind of refinement each refinement is (like this is a materials refinement, or a diagram clarification refinement etc etc.)  In the end we’ll come up with some different coding of each dimension and subdimensions.
Sending this to you so you can play with it (since yall had fun at our last meeting)!  Think about different point systems, or level systems.. like “this is a level 1 contribution, or 10 point contribution that would add to someone’s contribution experience bar”.   We’re publishing this whole thing on WordPress as our Commons Stewardship Tool/System beta development page. Going all out now 🙂  Here’s the blog –
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WindowFarm project

Julian and Ted just started looking at WindowFarm’s “How To” page as a test case for LGHTSRC’s Commons Stewardship Tool/Platform (haven’t figured out it’s exact name).  We’re looking at the site as novices and using our experience to develop the Commons Stewardship System.  So we went to NeighborGoods to find a drill for our WindowFarm.  So far we’ve asked the user “missbloom” from NYC for their drill!  Hopefully they will let us borrow it 🙂

We’re about to email Chris and Steve about helping us code the WindowFarms “How To” page as well, and will post that email (LGHTSRCing it if you will).  Think of this “WindowFarms project” as a commons within a larger commons, being the “Development of the Commons Stewardship System project”.  The people involved now are Julian, Ted and hopefully Chris and Steve.  If you wana get involved visit!

There’s a form at the bottom of the page to get in touch 🙂  Cheerios in the mean time,

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